Who is Trotsig?


Btw, if you would like to read any of the blogposts in English, some of them are translated in the comment section. (Pls, comment below, and I will start doing that again. I’ve been lazy lately.)


Trotsig means ”defiant” in English. It’s an attitude to life, and it’s also the name of my company. I write stuff that I like, I work with the clients I like, and I provide them with my own views of what will work for them – based on what I believe is right for their businesses, true values, and the interests of their clients – in order to create sustainable results.

This page is my own free zone.

My name is Linda, and I work as a freelance copywriter. On Trotsig Frizon I write about less job-related and more spare-time-related stuff that inspires me, and hopefully it will be a site of many projects. Later, I might incorporate this in my company website, after the redesign of it. Or not? Don’t know, depends on where this thing goes. I will write here mostly in Swedish, which is my native and professional language.

See my profile in English: www.linkedin.com/in/lindaaslund

Take a look at my company website (in Swedish): www.trotsig.se

To get in touch, please send a comment by email.

Look at my Twitter stream: www.twitter.com/lindlund
Feel free to add me as a friend on Twitter, if you like. I like Twitter especially for the quick distribution of thoughts and links along the axons of like-minded through-out the world.

As for pictures on this site, they are either used by permission directly from the photographer/creator, or attributed with a creative commons license. Read more at Creative Commons: http://creativecommons.org/

As for texts and pictures on this site produced by me, I am only happy if you would like to use, remix, or distribute my content, as long as you give attribution to the source. Please use Lindlund, lindaaslund, or Trotsigfrizon, and link to this page when appropriate.

As for texts and pictures produced by others, please check their copyrights.

Creative Commons License
Detta verk är licensierat under en Creative Commons Erkännande 3.0 Unported Licens.



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