Someday list

Inspired by advice No 2 on this list, I just decided to make a ”someday list” about projects, big or small. To choose from, when time arrives. Then I’ll know where to put them in the meanwhile.

If you, by any chance, happen to read this and have an interest in any of the projects being accomplished, please comment here below or drop me an e-mail. I write this in English, for just in case …

So here, without order, my Someday list:

1. The almost forgotten graphic book project;
a book made by two young graphic designers’ view of Nyköping and its surroundings, to be fully translated, proof read and published.

2. The lego world;
me and my son build a world for his knights and castles in papier mache on an old, unused table. We have the frame, a sketch of the wanted result, a mountain of doom built (but not painted) and two caves (the big one painted, the small one not), so far.
(Update: we painted the mountain, the lava falls, a small beach and half the sea, last weekend. And a golden volcano for my daughter. Pictures will come, later. We are about 1/3 part on our way to having a world. =).
(Update 2: It was built and up to 75 % finished, and is played with a lot. I think it is time to rebuild and develop it – and still there are no pictures taken. So, a photo project here would be fun!)

3. Fix a new frame instead of a broken one for a picture that is supposed to hang on our bathroom wall.

4. Find help to weld one of my favourite lamps, that is broken, too.

5. Organize my archive of collected graphic design and advertising. Oh, yeah, I actually did that last week, wow!

6. Read Sun Tzu ”The art of war”, the edition interpreted as strategic marketing advice, and compare it to my own notes of the interpretation I wanted to make.

7. Get published in a book. (In a sense this is done, though).

8. Clean the other car and sell it. Done! Yihaa!

9. Go through our babies’ stuff and sell things we don’t need (baby carriage, stroller etc, anybody want some?). Done for now.

10. And yes, draw a map of I-know-what, for a writing thing that I will keep as a secret for now. Finished the writing, started two new writing projects afterward. And yes, they might need maps, too.

11. Start an Idea shop, a new concept that I thought of yesterday, that would be fun!

12. Vacation. Rest. Nothing. (I plan to do this the coming month – will I succeed?) Been there. Done that. =)

… The thing is: I am allowed to do these things or skip them, without having bad conscience. They are on the list just so I won’t forget them, in case this someday arrives. It might do that. Some days arrive when we least expect them to.


4 svar till “Someday list

  1. Bra lista!

    1. Gör en ”someday list”

    Blir min punkt ett 🙂

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